Thursday, March 17, 2016


Donald Trump is waging war on the establishment - just like me!  He is touching a nerve in America  because he's telling the truth - just like me!  I know he is a big mouth and obnoxious but his is a smart man and is afraid of no one.  They are afraid of HIM.  It turns me sick that the establishment, who ignores our wishes and puts us in crippling debt are now banding together to stop him.  They are afraid knowing he will put a stop to waste.  Most of his programs and debt reduction will come from squeezing the waste out of government and The Good Ole Boys don't want to loose their Golden Goose.  It's disgraceful that they don't care about the will of the people which ever way it goes.  They just want to rule the country and keep screwing us.  (Did you see the story of how illegal immigrants get a special ID number to file taxes with and then claim dozens of children as dependents although those children never step foot is America.  AND THE IRS AND CONGRESS KNOWS IT AND GIVES AWAY OVER 5 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR OF YOUR MONEY).

So what does this have to do with me?  You know I'm a rebel too!  Fighting for consumers against the gross unfairness of percentage commissions and abusive companies like Keller-Williams and Exit Realty.  A series of certified letters to the NJ Legislature, State Senator Chris Connors, Governor Christy and the Real Estate Commission showing how NJ sellers are loosing $100,000,000 per year were ignored.  They turned their backs on The People!  (I did get form letters from the REC and Governor's office which were useless).

The point I'm making is that government does NOT care about "We The People".  They care only about their greed and kickbacks.  The election coming up is extremely important because abusive government on all levels has to stop.  If we let them get away with this they will double down on their greed.  Ask yourself how Congress members go to Washington with moderate means and come out multi-millionaires with fat pensions after just a term or two.  STOP IT NOW!

And stop paying percentage commissions.  The cost of selling a house cost little more, if any, regardless of it's value.  Like taking a compact ar luxury car to be washed.  They price is the same because a cars value has nothing to do with the cost of washing it.  Doctors don't set fees based on income or net worth.

To know THE TRUTH you have to read THE TRUTH!  The Dirty, Ugly Truth About Buying and Selling Real Estate in America.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Tom and Bob are brothers who live nearby.  Because much of their family and their wives families have moved to a warmer climate they decide to follow.  They called their longtime friend, Rich, to list their houses.  Tom has a nice home in a good neighborhood and his house will sell for $300,000.  Rich on the other hand had some good fortune and his home and location are more upscale and will sell for $600,000.

Although real estate commissions are “negotiable” Rich, blaming it on his broker, charged each of them 5% which is pretty standard in the area – over 90% of the local listings are at 5%.

Hey, wait a minute!  Tom will pay $15,000 and Bob will pay $30,000.  But why?  Why is Bob paying $15,000 more for exactly the same service from the same brokerage? Their agent Rich doesn’t have an answer except that that’s the way real estate is.

Bob is perplexed and upset and is looking for an answer.  Since Rich doesn’t have one he is asking for help.  Can anyone out there explain the $15,000 difference and have it make sense.   PLEASE!

Saturday, January 23, 2016


For many years I've spoken out about the atrocities of percentage based real estate commissions.  Finally, last year I published a book laying it all out and naming names and companies including #Keller-Williams, #Exit Realty, #Warren Buffett and more who I believe are abusing consumers.  I also named the #New Jersey Real Estate Commission, the #New Jersey Legislature and #Senator Chris Connors who have ignored my plea for pre listing disclosure and turned their backs on consumers.

I was hoping that by naming them they'd come back at me but the fact is they know
everything I say is true.  I sure wish they'd sue me because I'd love to get them under oath.  Here's hoping!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


He put his Berkshire Hathaway label on a real estate franchise.  And it hurts consumers.  Learn the Truth and find out why!

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


There's only one way to find out!     #thedirtyuglytruth   #alexcharfen

Friday, January 1, 2016


You know the saying.  "You can't create wealth by dividing it."  There are a set number of buyers and sellers in the market place at any one time and the more agents the smaller the share.  The Keller Williams and Exit Realty recruiting bonus schemes are just that...schemes.   Know it all by knowing The Truth.   "The Dirty, Ugly Truth about Buying and Selling Real Estate in America".   #thedirtyuglytruth

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


On Friday, January 1st, I will be turning off the FREE PDF DOWNLOAD of "The Dirty, Ugly Truth About Buying and Selling Real Estate in America".  Members of the public as well as the real estate industry have an opportunity to dig inside a real estate transaction and see how consumers are getting screwed out of $100,000,000 in New Jersey and almost $5,000,000,000 nationally.


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